Friday, February 25, 2011

Dowsing Questions

Hello My friends,

I am now opening myself up to both distance reiki sessions and Dowsing for nominal fees...

my email address is, which can be used for both contacting me around arranging a session / questions and in sending me the nominal fee for such service. We can discuss the fee based on your needs. :)

Example: If you only need a couple questions asked, it's not worth having to pay $20 bucks a question in my mind, rather only a couple of bucks. ;)

I am open to negotiation, please contact me to arrange a session or have some questions asked for you. And feedback will be appreciated for any of your sessions / questions.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates and a Changed Woman

Well hello my friends,

It's been a long time... more than 2 years!!! Wow where has the time gone?

Well Shortly after my last post I began to get sick and a REALLLLLLY long story short, I ended up being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease January 2009. I can honestly say that it was a HUGE growing experience for me...In many mannnnny ways.

Needless to say I lost track of things and am just now trying to get back to sharing with you all..

I have acquired a new job (with the same company) in that time, and have also received my reiki 2 in that time. I have been doing reiki sessions for co-workers & friends / family (more so co-workers) and have learned how unique each experience truly is.

Also I am a member of the DHN (the Distance Healing Network) - I highly suggest googling this if you are interested in either becoming a member or for in asking for help for a friend / family member; As well as a member of the CCFC (Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada). :) I figured it was a good idea to be involved with my fellow "crohnnies" and it has indeed paid off hugely having a network of people in the same but slightly different boat. :)

Also since then, I have been Married, lost a couple of dear family members, and am now expecting my first child. yay! :D Due August 30th, and I can't wait. :) Always a bright moment in the dark somewhere. :)

Right now I guess my interests are pertaining to: working with reiki, learning all I can about angels, my guides, improving my dowsing skills and fingers crossed to possibly win a lotto some day. Bahahahaha.

Will be back to chat more soon...some food for thought to check out...I recently watched the Louise Hay "How to Heal Your life" Powerful if you are willing to listen. :)

I did read the book, but it was nice to have her explain it, and then others, she is one smart, and beautiful lady. (In more ways than one) :) Be well and be back soon.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Reiki - Halifax and Dartmouth

Hello and Greetings to all.

I have received my Reiki 1 this year and will probably not be able to afford my second level until next year or so I believe...

I am looking for feedback from any individuals as to their experiences with reiki. I am interested in any info surrounding self sessions or sessions on other people, pets, plants, food, etc.

Much love to all and hope this finds those it is meant to find.

CountDown is Seriously On Now...

Okay, as I said something last time there was an American election I am briefly going to state that I hope that these Elections go the way that they should and there is new leadership established, not the same old thing as usual.

Second, I hope most sincerly that with all of the "protection" that the states offers to their people and overseas, that regardless of whom is voted in, that there is sufficient protection around the president at all times.

Get out there and vote smart Ladies and Gentlemen!!

If you have something negative to say about this brief blog posting then I really wouldn't bother messaging me about it as I just ignored the nasty comments last time. However if you have anything intelligent to add one way or another I will post the comment.

Much love, get out there and vote ladies and gentlemen!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Follow-up from Perez's Site...Obama Pin

Hello again all.

I saw this pin and became very disgusted with who ever created it, made it, and wore it...if it was a joke pin that was digitally made then I apologize, however if this was a serious pin then I am ashamed of those who wore it and can only be thankful that you are an American and not a Canadian.

Were it a Canadian that wore it, I would have to say that clearly anyone who has a clue (which I thought most canadians had at least a bit of a clue) and not completely ignorant, that this was a horrible thing to participate it.

As soon as I saw the pin I was instantly fed up. AND to top it off...I certainly hope that McCain has enough sense to condemn those that wore it...but where it was in texas at some rally...I highly doubt it would be openly condemned for the trash it is.

LET us hope that Canadians are more forward thinking.

The next issue

Well...hello all. I've just encountered a let down of sorts. I did not get the job that I had applied for...the kicker of it is...I lost to someone with wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more experience than myself in that particular job as that person is the top in that field and is retiring within a year or just boggles my mind that everytime I lose a job competition, it's that I was one away from getting it, but someone wayyyyyyyyy more skilled than me WHOOOPED My BUTT in the interview...I can't even be cranky about that. LOL. That's the part that gets me..I am not losing in incapable or silly people, but to veryyy knowledgeable and informative and on top of their game people.

I can't even imagine how cranky I would be right now if someone worse than me had gotten the position, and we all have been in that situation at one time or another...well it has only happened once to me that someone less capable got the job and it is my plan in life that this should never happen again. I mean it's bad enough that someone that's good beat me, but someone that isn't would make me lose my mind. :P

In terms of Reiki the sessions have been going well. I try to incorporate some level of reiki into my life everyday. Either a quick self session during my lunch break, or soothing away the headaches when you hear you have been passed over for a job by someone more qualified....ya know. :P That sorta thing.

I am planning on doing a self session today as I believe that I am getting sick. I hate getting sick...and I am a big baby when it happens so if i get stuck at home sick expect a couple of posts on here for the same day. ;)

So *sigh* I did not get that position, and I wish I had of, but there are a couple more positions to be posted yet so just hold your breath and maybe in another month or so I will be here saying YAY about another job...:P Meh...We will see. ;)

Anyways I guess this is it...I wish I could go and take my reiki level 2 on the 22nd of this month, but I just can't swing the money right now for it...reiki will be available to you when it is time to take level 2...that's all I get when I meditate on it...the money will come when it's time...hmmm...A good theory but that's just a way to say when you work your butt off for a pay raise you won't get that's my bitterness talking. :P

I absolutely believe when I am ready then the opportunity will be there...obviously I am not ready yet.

Much love to all.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Reiki this week...

This week has been a challenging week.

First off my cousin passed away, she will be missed, but I am glad she is no longer in pain. My thoughts are with her.
Then the next day another family member passed away from the same side of the family. It has been a difficult week for many.

I have been sending out reiki to individuals as able, and I hope that it has been helping them...but that's it exactly, all I can do is hope where I am not at home.

I had to take Tuesday off, I just couldn't make it through I was so tired from all the stuff going on with my family, plus I was on the tail end of a cold/flu thing.

So I spent Tuesday and Wednesday sleeping, and then meditating and going through 2 different guided meditations. One is a guided meditation for Reiki that I have on CD that I enjoy thoroughly each and every time that I do it, and the other is on youtube "REIKI RACHEL" has some really relaxing exercises, certainly worth looking into, as I personally enjoy these very much. I find her very soothing.

After Tuesday I have made it successfully through the week, but it has been a long and tiring week for the family. I will continue sending out reiki to those in my family that require it, and someone still requires it because it is still flowing.

God bless them all in their time of need. My thoughts are with my family.

However as a result of my Tuesday recharging day, I have made it through this week far more successfully than I would have hoped. I achieved quite a bit this week considering I was not at work Tuesday at all. And I thank my employers for their understanding of my situation. I am lucky to have bosses like them, as you know many bosses don't see the need for time off outside of "immediate family" for a death, but thankfully mine do and understand the pressures that this places on my family. I mostly needed the time off to recoup. There were phone calls constant for 2 or 3 days, and being a scorpio with a life path 2, and rising sign of cancer I tend to take on other people's troubles. Reiki has been an excellent source of helping me cope with this part of my mentality, and to help me to let go of things that are not mine to worry about. It is taking me a great deal of time to deal with letting go of other's responsibilities, but I am trying and eventually I will be where I am supposed to be.

I am currently working on divining my spirit guide's name as I had tried meditating and visual exercises, which I am continuing to do, but it is slow going, at least I am receiving calm and peace during these meditation sessions. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Nas Concert and Recent Developments

Hello all. So last night was the Nas concert and BOYS was it good!! WHOO!! I had a blast. ;)

On an unrelated note the reiki has been flowing fairly strongly during my recent self sessions, and other sessions. Also, I smudged my apartment the other day...and I also bought a new pendulum and am currently working on becoming familiar with it.

Not much else...too tired. Talk to you all again soon. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Still going

It's as I suspected. My sisters were too sensitive to receive, or where not in the right frame of mind...I am alright with that...all I can do is keep trying to do reiki. If people are not interested then they are not interested but I am going to keep is just a mentality I believe...although I am 100% that I need to be doing MUCH more meditation then I have been up to this point. I mean I am doing daily sessions on myself, plants and the pets, but working up to people is truly my goal...and the people I have done it on so far do not understand...I need to do a full session on someone...I will need to think about this...for you cannot really learn more until I begin doing full sessions...perhaps I should just continue on myself..people will ask me if they want a session correct??

Anyway, all in all I had a good weekend but did not exercise the reiki ability as I should have done, but when you are running around shopping and hanging out with family all weekend there is not a lot of time if they do not wish to have session done. :)

On a go-forward note...time to get my butt moving on this. :)
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